The Practice of Health and Wellness
                                  The Office of Dr. Pamela Cipriano
                                                                     ~Working Together To Keep You Healthy~

Our Mission at
The Practice of Health and Wellness 

At The Practice of Health and Wellness, our mission is to provide you with the HEALTHcare you deserve. We strongly believe that Eastern and Western Medicine are both equally necessary in order to keep your mind, body, spirit, and emotions  in balance. We work closely with providers of Holistic Medicine, Acupuncture, and Chiropractic. The goal is to take care of the entire person. 

Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotions.

We will work with you to avoid complications associated with diseases by partnering with you to prevent the disease process. We do this through a holistic approach, by incorporating dietary and lifestyle changes in order to help you to maintain your health.

We have had great success getting patients off of their medications. Many medications can be stopped under the supervision of a healthcare professional. However, there are certain medications that cannot be stopped due to serious complications. ​

Dr. Cipriano is experienced in the following

Lyme Disease ~ Internal Medicine ~ Primary Care ~ Preventative Medicine ~ Substance Abuse ~ Medical Marijuana ~
Emergency Medicine ~ Urgent Care