About Dr. Cipriano




In 2016, Dr. Cipriano  graduated from Maryville Universtiy where she earned her doctoral degree focusing her research on preventative medicine. Her research study, "Preventing the Progression from Prediabetes to Diabetes Mellitus Type 2," was stastically significant.

In 2008, she was accepted to the Graduate School at the University of Connecticut where she received her Master's degree in Nursing and her APRN certification. She is a board certified Nurse Practitioner. 
Dr. Cipriano received her diploma in nursing from St. Mary’s Hospital School of Nursing where she won the Merit Award. She earned her BA degree in Psychology from Central Connecticut State Universtiy and was inducted into the Golden Key Honor Society.


Dr. Cipriano now,  focuses her attention on preventing the disease process through lifestyle modification. She has been instrumental in helping her patients discontinue many of their medications through dietary changes. Many medications can be stopped through a combination of healthy eating, weight loss, and regular exercise. 

She is a member of ILADS which specializes in the treatment and prevention of Lyme Disease. Dr. Cipriano is Lyme Literate and helps many patients with chronic Lyme who were misdiagnosed with rheumatological and neurological disorders. 

In an effort to help in the fight against opiate and heroin abuse and deaths,
Dr. Cipriano is now certified to prescribe Suboxone to qualifying patients. She incorporates addiction and behavorial counseling by qualifed therapists in order to give her patients the best chance of recovery. She is also certified in Medical Marijuana to assess and recommend the Medical Marijuana card to qualifying patients.  

Dr. Cipriano began her career in nursing in the Intensive Care Unit where she specialized in the critically ill. Her ability to change policy was effective in bringing forth universal IV titratable cardiac medications used in life threatening emergencies. Her passion for advocating for her patients enabled her to have a successful and fulfilling career as a Critical Care Registered Nurse.  She continued her career specializing in medical and surgical critical care and passed the CCRN board exam. She was Board Certified in Critical Care. 

As a Nurse Practitioner, Dr. Cipriano put herself through her own Residency. She began her training in Surgery, assisting in General Surgery in the Operating room and working as a Surgical Hospitalist. She then went into Neurology and Pain Management where she specialized in neurological disorders and chronic pain. She transitioned to hospital medicine where she worked as a Medical Hospitalist covering the critical care units and med/surg units. She joined an Internal Medicine practice where she admitted, discharged rounded and followed her patients in the hospital and nursing homes and continues to do house calls for patients who are truly home bound. She continues to work in the Emergency Department and Urgent Care.